Public speaking skills are an essential key to achieving career advancement and success

“It might come a time to not follow your passion, so to speak, although it must be prioritized. It may be the case that your passion will serve as the medic, your peace of mind, alongside a higher calling, with your higher calling being the point man.”
― Criss Jami, Healology

“Public speaking skills are an essential key to achieving career advancement and success.”
― Robert Moment, How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking With Easy to Use Ideas, Tips and Strategies

“The most decisive and certainly most delicious option for an aggrieved worker in a narcissist’s office is simply quitting. Slamming your resignation letter on the boss’s desk and striding out to take a better job somewhere else is satisfying and in both its finality and its totality. Instantly the feared figure is stripped of all power, reduced to a person of utter inconsequence in your life. Not only does this spell immediate freedom for the exiting employee, it can also contribute to the long-term decline of the boss.”
― Jeffrey Kluger, The Narcissist Next Door: Understanding the Monster in Your Family, in Your Office, in Your Bed–in Your World

“Estudio español, latín y teología, pero desde niño deseaba conocer el mundo y esto era más importante que conocer a Dios y a los pecados de los hombres.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

“No new venture occurs without mistakes. Dare to learn and grow through your mistakes–this is how mastery occurs!”
― Debra Crown LPC-S LCDC

“Political skills are essential career competencies to get ahead and stay ahead.”
― Bonnie Marcus, The Politics of Promotion: How High-Achieving Women Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

“You can’t lead if you don’t know what you were made for. You can’t know what you were made for if you don’t ask the one who made you! Know your creator; know yourself!”
― Israelmore Ayivor, Leaders’ Watchwords

“Lovely as it would be to live off a trust fund and have nothing more taxing to think about than where your next hot stone massage was coming from, it’s essential for all human beings to have a purpose. There’s no honour in boasting “I don’t work, dahling…” If you’re not stretching yourself, discovering where your gifts lie, expressing your creativity, or enriching the lives of others, what are you for?”
― Rosie Blythe